Cloud Picker Coffee - Peru | San José de Lourdes - 250g Wholebean Coffee

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Chocolate Mousse | Macadamia | Marmalade

Region | San Ignacio, Cajamarca
1500-1900 MASL
Process | 
Catuai, Pache, Typica

This coffee hails from the San Ignacio province of Cajamarca, not too far from our recent Peruvian favourite, the Frontera San Ignacio.

It shares with the Frontera coffee that magic combo of sweet chocolate notes mixed with citrus orangey acidity. San José de Lourdes is a bit further in from the Ecuador border but the whole province has a great reputation for coffee as well as for its natural forests.

This cooperative is working on reforesting the local farming area by giving farmers a young shade tree to plant every time they get a coffee plant. Growing coffee in shade is a well-known boon for coffee quality as well as biodiversity. With good takeup of this planting, it is hoped this local farming area will be reforested within a few years.