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Variety: Bourbon | Process: Anaerobic Natural  | Altitude: 1850-2200 MASL | Harvest: June 2022 | Producer: Smallholder farmers, Abadatezuka Coop, Cyato Washing Station | Region: Nyamasheke district, Western Province

Fruity and bright, with notes of wine gums, candied lime peel & strawberry.

This exciting Rwandan coffee is packed full of tropical fruit flavours and a bright, sparkly acidity. It is sweet, with a heavy mouthfeel and delicious aftertaste that lingers long after drinking. The beans are grown by small-scale farmers near Lake Kivu. Once harvested, the coffee cherries are fermented in sealed containers for several days before drying on raised beds under the sun. The result of this anaerobic processing is a bright and 'fruit forward' coffee that's hard to stop drinking!