Sumo Coffee - Los Ureña, Costa Rica - 250g Coffee Beans

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Region: Tarrazú

Farm:   Los Ureña

Producer: Paúl Cascante Ureña

Variety: Catuai

Process: Red Honey

Altitude: 1.650 masl

Harvested: 2021

Cupping score: 87.25


CUPPING NOTES: Sweet caramel aroma. Mandarine acidity.

Red apple, Dried fig, Toffee. Sweet and balanced with a medium body.



We are delighted to bring back this Los Urena lot, a last year favourite.


Located at a two-hour drive from the capital city San Jose, Tarrazu is known worldwide for producing some of the best tasting coffee out there and for its breathtaking views. Tarrazú’s climate is characterized by two well-defined seasons; a seven month rainy season during which coffee plants are growing and a dry season that coincides with the harvest time; this pattern encourages uniform coffee blossoming and high-quality cherries that are even in ripeness.


The fertile, volcanic soils and rolling mountainsides of Tarrazú are well-suited for agriculture, and smallholders grow bananas, avocado, citrus, and coffee on properties passed between generations. The spirit of community and family is alive in Tarrazú, with producers caring for their land with pride.


Our beautiful Catuai coffee comes from the cloudy region of the Palmichal rainforest, an area bordering the historical zone of Tarrazú, famous for its unique acidity.


The farm, Los Urena, is only a 10-minute drive from Palmichal, but the canopy of thick forest trees makes it feel worlds away. The view from the farm shows the surrounding hillsides planted with coffee.