Stone Valley 250g Whole Beans - I'm a Winner, I'm a Sinner

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Altitude - 1150 - 1400 MASL

Preparation - Natural

Location - Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil

Variety - Bourbon

Profile - Milk Chocolate, Clementine, Almonds

Now this is a seriously tasty coffee! We love Natural Brazilian coffees as they are rich and chocolatey and give so much body with a lovely subtle sweetness. A perfect coffee for breakfast in America? Don’t be silly albums can’t drink coffee. It would go down beautifully though as you consider becoming a radical liberal or perhaps a fanatical criminal. Certainly more enjoyable than kippers for breakfast*




*If you are not familiar with the 1979 album Breakfast in America by Supertramp none of this will make sense. Serves you right