Soma Coffee - Peru - Selva Andina Organic

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  • We are incredibly excited to introduce our first certified organic coffee! El Rubi was produced by a group of farmers in the Tolima region of Colombia, each of the farmers holds a plot of land too small to produce an offering on its own, but the farmers in the region have banded together, each one receiving organic certification, and agreeing to produce high quality coffee for the specialty market. We love stories of collaboration like this one and are excited to support these farmers.

    Although the organic certification and collaboration involved to produce this coffee is very inspiring, what really got us excited was to hear that the majority of the producers of this coffee were young producers. For many years, the future coffee farming has been uncertain, with most of the youth opting to pursue more lucrative careers in the big cities and moving away from the prospect of coffee farming. To see a group of young coffee farmer and producers embracing quality and sustainability makes us very excited about the future of specialty coffee from Colombia.

    With a vibrant and bright flavour profile that is bursting with citrus and stone fruit, this particular coffee is one that has brought countless delights to us on pour-over and filter style drinks. Having said that, it really is a treat for espresso lovers who enjoy vibrant espressos and like to drink them black. In a milky beverage most of the acidity is muted leaving a very mellow and smooth tasting coffee.

    We also wanted to mantion that, although they might not have certification, many of the farmers we work with employ organic farming practices. Often times, farmers choose not to get certified as the process is costly and the farmers struggle to recoup that value when they take their beans to market. There

    Coffee Details

    • Origin - Colombia, Tolima

    • Producer - Various Farmers From the Tolima Region

    • Varietal - Castillo

    • Altitude - 1600 - 2000 masl

    • Process - Washed

    • Notes - Orange, Apricot, Lime

    • Cupping Score - 86.5