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  • Indonesia - Frinsa Sigararutang

  • Tasting Notes - Dark Chocolate, Lemon Verbena & Black Tea

  • Origin - West Java, Weninggalih

  • Producer - Wildan Mustofa

  • Varietal - Sigararutang

  • Altitude - 1400masl

  • Process - Washed

  • Score - 86

Very different to last years Indonesian, but equally as exciting, this coffee has complex dark chocolate notes complimented by delicate lemon verbena and tea-like florals.

With the complexities in this coffee being soft and delicate florals, coupled with something as intense as dark chocolate, lighter brew methods such as pour-over or Chemex will yield a more complex and nuanced cup. However, leaning into the intensity of the dark chocolate, an espresso will yield a rich and intense cup which will carry through milk into a delightful chocolatey flat white.