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Toasted Almond | Brownie | Redcurrant


Altitude | 1200 masl 

Process | Natural

Variety | Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Acaia

Last year, the Fazenda Passeio was one of our most popular coffees and we were thrilled to meet the owner, Adolfo Henrique, in Berlin last summer. We even gave him a try of our roast of his beans - we had a few bags on hand!

Fazenda Passeio has been owned by the Vieira Ferreira family for four generations. Adolfo puts a strong emphasis on protecting the environment and biodiversity in and around the farm, and on supporting his workers through initiatives such as providing schooling for their children.

After Fazenda Passeio lies near the town of Monte Belo in the southern part of Minas Gerais, an area well known for producing some of Brazil's finest coffees. The farm has 130 hectares dedicated to coffee production.

This coffee is hand picked, which is unusual in Brazil. Handpicking generally results in more evenly ripe cherries going into production. The cherries are pulped the same day as picking to avoid fermentation defects, then dried on patios for a few days before being finished in mechanical dryers.
Farmers process their own coffee with the help of the many streams and rivers that populate the area. After hand-picking, the cherries are hand-pulped and fermented. The remaining mucilage is then removed and the beans are washed laid out to dry on raised beds and patios.