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Chocolate & Orange Zest

Harvest: June 2020
Country: Brazil
Producer: Jarbas Cleto Lopes
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais
Process: Natural
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1,190 - 1,260 masl

Brazil is surely the underdog of the speciality industry, known for its huge farms and mechanically picked and processed coffees. The large lots that are produced here are often cheap and nutty, but stable and consistent, which is why you’ll find Brazilian beans in many espresso blends worldwide. These coffees are often criticised for their lack of complexity, but if we’re willing to pay higher prices, producers are able to put more time and energy into the picking and processing of their crop. Simple changes such as selective picking, and drying the coffee slowly on raised beds or patios can dramatically improve the quality of the final cup. This is why we find Brazil an exciting and rewarding origin to work with!

Jarbas is the son of a coffee farmer, but his family quit farming and moved to the big city when he was just 6 years old. He began his career as a banker but quietly dreamed of coffee farming, and in 1985 he bought his own farm, Sitio Bela Vista. He began by planting 8,000 Yellow Catuai trees, and over the years has slowly improved his infrastructure and processing techniques. Today, Sitio Bela Vista covers 16 hectares of land in Mantiqueira de Minas and is legally protected as a preservation area. He has also joined the APAS Association which provides training for his employees to help improve production practices and sustainability on the farm. All cherries are hand picked, and Jarbas pays close attention to the drying process, ensuring the coffee is turned regularly and dried evenly. This is why his coffees are sweet, clean and stand out among other naturally processed lots. 

This is the only naturally processed coffee we’ll be roasting this year and we think it makes a fantastic espresso! Expect a big body, lots of sweetness and indulgent flavours of milk chocolate and orange zest.