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Era Archetype

Handmade collage + acrylic paint printed on 100% recycled paper

“I can’t breathe”

Contained within these words is the very suffocating reality of a white western world.

Deforestation, systemic racism, a global respiratory virus... these themes are sewn together by the ecology of disease. This dis-ease is caused by the breech of natural law - the misbelief that we are separate from our natural world, and therefore, each other.

The imagery in this piece was used to prismatically express what 2020 has un-masked. It hopes to covey a sense of empowerment and responsibility as we re-write the new normal.
The central Rorschach inkblot was commonly interpreted as a bat. Interestingly, bats are symbolic for change, darkness before rebirth - an ending of a chapter.

This asks, “How are the events of 2020 affecting the collective psyche?”