Archetypes - The Mentor - A4 Print

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A4 prints of collage & acrylic by Lindsay Merlihan.


The Mentor guides us on our path to knowledge.

The role of the Mentor is that of a teacher and guide. While often departing the teachings of a particular subject, study or text, a good Mentor will keenly observe the student to know what lessons are needed at the given time.

Consider Pai Mai, the kung fu master in "Kill Bill" who taught harshly and without remorse. Later, his applied teachings saved the students life. Mr. Miyagi in the "Karate Kid" mentored his student differently - with aloofness, discipline and tenderness - yet his student, too, won the battle.
Life's first mentors are the Mother, Father or primary caregivers. As self-discovery and knowledge is obtained, the student moves on and other mentors are saught out.
A shadow Mentor will forget his humble role of service and mistake his mastership for personal greatness.

The Mentor/student dynamic is something that choses itself. Like a Buddha has been known to say "When the student is ready the teacher appears."

The image portrays the foot of a Buddha and the ruby red robe of The Heirophant, which symbolizes the quest for knowledge in the Tarot.